Drive: California, Part Deux

Driving to California once was already something but TWICE in a year, O_o well, it is what it is boys and girls! I was only back from The Empire for two days but somewhere in the book of my life the script needed me on the opposite end of the country in Los Angeles. Like last time, we drove under the cover of night and within 24hrs we were there. The trip back involved a 16hr haul to Denver and another 16hr back to Austin. Btw, watching thunder dance across the Texas sky at night is visually delightful until it starts raining and you're praying not to hit a deer.

Anyways, I'm going to keep this short and mention that it was a long two weeks of work, meetings, running around, driving around, couch surfing, fast food eating, K-BBQ smelling, Google Maps navigating, and wandering but like someone once said " not all who wander are lost."

To infinity & beyond!